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Our Board


Dr Asaf Durakovic


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Matin Shahin

Executive Director

Long serving volunteer of World Life Institute 


Lubna Zaidi


Lubna Zaidi is a qualified ESL Instructor. Currently she is working as an Academic Director for World Life Education Centre in Toronto. Her role includes teaching, teacher training, coordinating, programs, and managing the Academic Year Programme for long term students, all of which she thoroughly enjoys. She has been serving World Life Institute for over two decades in various projects. As a president of the World Life Institute Canada she hopes to serve the mission of Dr. Asaf Durakovic.


Bruce Carter 

Director Canada

Bruce Carter is a founding member of World Life Institute. A carpenter by profession, he supervised the construction of the World Life Institute Education Center and continues to be active in the maintenance of the Institute's buildings. He holds a BA in economics from Hamilton College and is looking forward to being a part of continuing Dr. Durakovic's legacy in this more specific way.


Aleya Noorani

Director Canada

Aleya Noorani has an Associate degree in Advertising Design. She also has a Certified Diploma in Holistic Nutrition and Energy Medicine. Aleya has been an active participant of WLI projects. She is well travelled and dedicated to the service of humanity. Her perseverance and focus in accomplishing the vision of WLI earned her a position in the Board. We look forward to her continued service in World Life Institute.


Shahid Zaidi


Shahid Zaidi completed his degree in Economics with minor in Computer Science. He has extensive travelling experience and has worked in various parts of the world. His main work industry has been in the banks in the department of IT, Risk and Security. He has been  volunteering and managing WLI fundraisers for the past 23 years. His election in WLI Canada was based on excellent organizational abilities, accuracy and the ability to keep impeccable records. Currently he is running an Education Centre and a small private High School in Toronto.


Joanne Cantor


Joanne Cantor is a Teacher, Registered Psychotherapist, Career Counselor, and Researcher. Joanne works full time as a teacher, while providing therapy to individuals, families, children, and young adults specializing in anxiety and depression. Joanne has volunteered her time with the World Life Institute, doing the 'Tree of Life' with orphans, who are victims of war and natural disasters, and displaced women. Most recently she has assumed the role of secretary for the WLI Canada and is excited to continue to support the Institute and the vision of it's founder, programs and initiatives.


Dr Feroza Joosub


Dr Feroza Joosub holds a PhD with the Faculty of Disarmament Studies at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Switzerland. The focus of her doctoral thesis: Nuclear Threats, Efforts to Mitigate Them, Prospects for the Future. Previously she conducted research on weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) with a particular emphasis on chemical and biological weapons, studying their implications on international security. In the past she has served as Project Director for Project Life, World Life Institute’s intensive rehabilitation program for orphans of war.

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