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Our Global Coordinators


Fatima Mirza

Coordinator WLI Canada United Kingdom

Fatima is a self motivated sales and client partnership strategist with over 13+ years experience in delivering B2B and B2C events. She has a solid track record in securing and nurturing key accounts, creating and implementing revenue generating activities and developing and driving sales teams.
As part of WLI Canada she hopes to raise global awareness of the important issues that this platform will address.


Uzma Shoaib

Coordinator WLI Canada

Uzma Shoaib is a tourism industry executive who has worked with some of the world leading airlines including Emirates, Cathay Pacific and Gulf Airways. Her expertise and connections in this industry has given her a multi faceted platform which she will use as part of her service to World Life Institute Canada.


Jessie Li

Coordinator WLI Canada

Jessie Li is a graduate in Linguistics from the University of Cambridge. She also holds bachelor degrees in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of Toronto.
She has been associated with WLI for seven years through participating in various fundraising events as well as being a member of the Voice Gavel Club.


Liubov Ozieva

Coordinator WLI Canada Ingushetia
Northern Causasus Russia

Liubov is a part time English and German teacher and also works in a German consulting company, helping foreign companies to develop business in Moscow.
She has been associated with WLI for over six years through participating in various events.
In 2014-2015 she was a part of “project life” taking the role of a chaperone and translator for two orphaned children from the north Caucasus region.

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