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What We Do

Imagine that you are facing a gate. On your side of the gate is the infinitely large and complex world of phenomena — the grasses in the prairies, the teeming cities, the clouds over the ocean, babies crying, wars being fought, suffering, your thoughts, everyone's thoughts, the stars sprinkled in the heavens, every single appearance everywhere, every thing, every self. On the other side of the gate is nondual reality, selflessness, enlightenment, the absolute, the love, the service. The gate is the gate of awakening, making- a difference to a child’s life, by giving them opportunities for education and providing basic life essentials. We just try to bring recovery and stability. There are contradictions at nearly every step on the path of service. In fact the very image of this path is a contradiction. It implies there is a distance to be traveled, that we are walking on a path that goes from darkness to light or from a state of less awareness to awakening. You wake up to understand the world beyond yourself in the service of others, the ones less fortunate than you, the present and the future, rectifying the past.



War and World Orphans

Nuclear Reality



Virus and Disease

Child Victims of Abuse



We try to take initiatives to focus on the needs of children and families at risk, combining prevention measures with elements of intervention, education and information. Together, these initiatives help decrease the number of children who are at risk of entering situations from where return can not be possible.



Through our sister organizations and campaigns, we work to deepen and diversify. We work with our partners and representatives around the globe to reach our goals. We concentrate on Youth to bring awareness to the current generations so the future can have hope ahead of them.

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